What is Goal Line Technology?

What is Goal Line Technology?

What exactly is goal line technology? Does it work? Implementing it will improve the game and lay to rest all those controversial game scoring moments and referee decisions, right?

Soccer fans, according to several blogs and article comments, seem to confuse goal line technology with ‘instant replay’ technology used in sports like American football or basketball. Soccer’s goal line technology is not even close to instant replay. Goal line technology uses radio waves between a transmitter inside specially designed soccer balls and other strategically placed units, such as upon goal posts. The radio signals indicate when the ball has crossed over the goal line, between the posts and under the crossbar. When such an event occurs a ‘goal’ signal is transmitted, which ultimately ends up on a specially designed referee watch with the word ‘GOAL’. The radio transmitting and signaling to the referee happens within a couple seconds. Unlike instant replay technology there is no undue stoppage in play to watch video, thank God! Watch this video to gain a better understanding about goal line technology.

Does the technology work? Yes, according to its engineers and FIFA officials who’ve witnessed the technology’s most recent testing. It is no longer a matter of whether or not the technology is reliable or even if it should be used. It will be. Implementing goal line technology at the highest levels of competition is only a matter of time, perhaps two or three years now, as opposed to decades. From there, it is only a matter of additional time to make the technology more cost effective, along with leagues across the globe finding sufficient resources to implement it, and voila, the world’s beautiful game is all better, right?

What positive or negative impacts will implementing goal line technology have on the game? Please, share your thoughts.

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