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Dramatic Fine-Art Landscape Photography, Processing Instructions and Photography Tours by Daniel Laan.

Processing Videos

Teaching you the digital darkroom, one post-processing video at a time.

Processing Videos

New! Watch me Edit a Golden Hour Mountain Landscape in the Dolomites!

After numerous questions about how I handle those complex blends, it's finally time to release the behind-the-scenes look at this epic mountainscape from the Dolomites.

This is two hours’ worth of processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, and it includes my entire workflow that's free of purist moral bounds. You will get to see how I combine many images into one piece of landscape art.

Focus Stacking, Perspective Blending, Color Dodging and Lighting Effects; it's all included.

Take your time to pick apart what’s going on in this "Watch me Edit" video. This package also includes a smaller PSD that contains all layers and adjustments used.

Tip: Double-click the smart-objects in that PSD to open all layers contained within.



"Watch me Edit" Series - Photo Editing Video

The Watch me Edit series shows you exactly how I process my images from start to finish. In these silent picture editing videos, we take a raw photo and take it to the next level through Lightroom and Photoshop. There is no sound. Even with a basic understanding of Photoshop, it's easy to follow along. PSD's are included! Digital Download Only.

Purchasing any video will support the wild. Ten percent of all transactions on this website will go straight into transparent conservation projects that keep Earth habitable for all.

Forest Processing "Catch the Spirit"

Watch me edit “Catch the Spirit”. These videos are exactly what it says: Easy to follow, silent editing tutorials that shows my entire workflow. There's even a PSD included so you can follow along with the video.

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Nightscape Processing "Destiny"

Watch me edit “Destiny”. This video is an easy to follow editing tutorial that shows my entire nightscape workflow. There is no sound. There are some annotations to clarify what’s going on. PSD included that features all of the layers and adjustments done in this video (it’s a lot!).

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Twilight Trolls
Twilight Seascapes Processing "Twilight Trolls" & "Fate"

Watch me edit both “Twilight trolls & Fate”. Easy to follow, silent editing tutorial with added annotations to help clarify some of the thoughts behind what you see. There is no sound. Both PSD and DNG files are included!

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Processing Bundle: All Three Videos + Skype Coupon!

All of your landscapes to the next level! Watch me edit a nightscape, a couple of seascapes and a forest image during all three processing videos. That's well over 5 hours of behind-the-scenes processing!

Additionally, you get a Skype discount for 50% off the price of personal Lightroom and Photoshop training.

This bundle saves you € 80,-

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Note that for each purchase you will be downloading a "read me" document which contains a secure download link to the video. The videos are very large (well over 2GB), so I can't host it at my website. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but this will ensure a good enough playback quality for you to follow along with the provided PSD.


For additional instruction, you can book a private processing session: