The Dell G2210 is All About Green Technology

The Dell G2210 is All About Green Technology

The Dell G2210 is a monitor that Dell has actually put some thought into. Monitoring the energy consumption of the inexpensive models of monitors is not standard for computer manufacturers; Dell seems to be in the process of changing this standard.

Dell G2210 Design

The model number of the Dell G2210 lets you know that it is a 22 inch monitor with a resolution ratio of 16:10. The monitor is matte black except for the screen and the shape of the stand is rectangular. It is not so user friendly in the physical adjustment ability, having only adjustments for the tilt and none for the height or pivot.

There are only two types of ports available on the Dell G2210, VGA and DVI inputs, there would have been others such as USB ports that would have been a nice addition. The type of technology used for the Dell G2210 is twisted-nematic, as with most of the more inexpensive models.

Dell G2210 Energy Management

There are three different preset modes for energy consumption with the Dell G2210. The most economical of these is the Energy Smart Plus mode, this uses the least amount of energy. The next up from that is the Energy Smart mode, this uses more energy, but still saves more energy than the last mode.

There is the Standard mode which uses the standard amount of energy for a monitor that is not top quality. These modes also come with a corner display of how much energy you are or are not saving.

There are different sensors that are activated by each of the two energy saving selections for the Dell G2210. In the Energy Smart Plus mode, the backlight on the monitor will get dimmer when a brighter image is portrayed on the monitor.

For the Energy Smart mode, there is a sensor that tells how much light is in the room and will adjust the brightness level of the Dell G2210 accordingly. In Standard mode, all of these adjustments are up to the user to make or not make.

Dell G2210 User Experience and Quality

With a simple and to the point on-screen display, this makes the Dell G2210 less confusing for the user, and therefore more user friendly. More of the user friendly features include clear and readable text.

The quality of color for photos is a little poorer that what most would really like, being a little on the dull side, but given the price of the Dell G2210 it is an excellent budget friendly choice for both individuals and businesses.

All in all, the Dell G2210 monitor is a good choice for those in the market to save a buck. The quality of the text is excellent, and the photo quality is good enough for average use. The energy saving aspect will also help budget dollars in other areas than just the money spent on the monitor itself.

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