Saving Money on Electronics Costs More Than You Think

Saving Money on Electronics Costs More Than You Think

Compact discs were introduced in 1983. However, until 1990, or so, cassette tapes dominated the music market. Department as well as music stores had wall-to-wall cassette tapes, but little in the way of compact discs.

Most of us missed out on compact discs in 1983 because they weren’t readily available in department stores. There was no Internet back then, so, we depended on department stores to bring us the latest and greatest that technology had to offer.

The department stores let us down, however. Most of them offered few, if any examples of the new compact disc technology for sale. Of course, few examples were actually available, but, that’s not the point.

If, instead of going to places like JCPenney and Kmart we had gone to high end audiophile stores, we might not have missed out on compact discs in 1983. There is a lesson here: it is best to go to specialty stores for cutting edge technology.

When I was a kid, I would hear the same story about calculators over and over and over again. The story was that calculators sold for hundreds of dollars and weighed hundreds of pounds. Supposedly, the moral of the story was to wait to buy any kind of new technology, because, as kids we supposedly went with all the newest fads on television. They wanted us to “save our money”.

Countless people have come up to me with different versions of the same story, and, the moral of the story is always the same: don’t go out and buy the newest thing, wait until the price goes down. In my experience, however, if everyone says the same thing, there’s a very good chance that they are wrong.

I have thought long and hard about this, and, I have come to this conclusion. If there is a new gadget on the market, buy it as soon as possible. The reason for this is that you will get more use out of the gadget than if you had waited for the price to go down, because, by then the gadget will be obsolete. You can’t always look at saving money on everything. You also need to look at your standard of living. Possessing the newest gadgets improves your standard of living. Isn’t that worth anything to you?

So, go to specialty stores for cutting edge technology. Chances are, they are small, locally owned places that need your business more than big-box department stores. A fringe benefit of doing this is that you have a better chance of developing a relationship with the owner then you would at the big-box department store where you are just another number. If there is a new gadget that you want, buy it as soon as possible. Waiting for the price to go down on the gadget simply means that you are buying something that you won’t be able to get as much use out of. The manufacturer knows this, they lowered the price because they know that the gadget you are buying will soon be obsolete. You aren’t saving money at all. All you are doing is ensuring that you will have a house full of obsolete electronics. There is something you want, get it now, because life is short. You don’t know that you’ll have another day.

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