Photographing Kids Made Easy

Photographing Kids Made Easy

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take stunning pictures of your children. Digital cameras are becoming more popular and affordable. The advances in the technology of digital cameras are making it easy for even amateurs to feel like real photographers. Using these simple suggestions you can produce quality photos.

Keep the Camera Close
Children are full of surprises. You never know what they are going to do! So always have your camera with you at home and on the go. Make sure the batteries are charged and there is room on the memory card. Candid pictures of your children enjoying their childhood will turn into cherished memories for years to come.

Get on Their Level
Many amateur photographers take pictures of children while standing up. Although this can create some cute pictures, the real action is next to the kids. Don't be afraid to get on the floor with them or to kneel down to where they stand. It's easier to engage kids if you are in their space rather than expecting them to look up to yours. Your pictures will seem more purposeful and alive.

Pay Attention to Lighting
Most cameras come equipped with a flash, and that's very convenient when you need to take pictures in low light. However, the flash can create unflattering shadows on subjects. Using natural light allows the camera to capture a more life-like image. If possible, take the children outside to play on a sunny day. You could also open up the blinds and curtains inside for a similar effect. Avoiding dependence on the flash will help you to become a better photographer.

Happy Children Make Better Pictures
If you are going to plan a photo shoot with your children, make it for a time when they will be satisfied and comfortable. Children should be well rested and fed. Make taking pictures fun for them. Playing peek-a-boo or dangling a brightly colored toy works well for young children. Older children may enjoy posing or looking at the pictures after they're snapped. Making the shoot fun will lead to pictures of happy children.

Snap Away
Digital cameras allow the user to take as many pictures as their battery and memory card will allow. This means that you can take 20 pictures of your child before getting the perfect one without worrying about wasting film. Don't be afraid to keep experimenting. Play with your camera's features to learn more about them. If you don't like a picture, you can always delete it and try again. The more you photograph, the better you will be at it. Remember: Practice makes perfect!

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