Money Making Idea for Photographers Taking Local Photographs

Money Making Idea for Photographers Taking Local Photographs

If photography is your passion, you are probably aware of some of the ways you can make money taking photographs. It's like you'll have the greatest chance for success in photography if you find a niche to occupy so you won't be competing with the many good photographers that seem to exist everywhere. One money making idea for photographers is to start a business taking local photographs. By marketing local images you have the edge of knowing your market and what type of images they want to buy.

Most towns and cities have business buildings, parks, retail businesses, churches, and landmarks that local residents cherish because of their interesting structure or their sentimental interest. Some older buildings may have been in existence since the city was founded and have taken on historical significance. There are residents who would love to have local photographs of these structures to hang in their home or office. This provides you with a potentially lucrative opportunity to make money from your photography skills.

First, you'll want to make a list of interesting buildings and landmarks in your city that would make good photographic subjects. If these structures have already been photographed exhaustively, try to look at it from a unique perspective and see if you can present it in an interesting new light. Experiment by taking a variety of photos in color and black-and-white until you have some images you deem to be marketable. Take them home and download them to your computer and see if you can make them even more interesting using photo editing software. The more unique your perspective is, the more likely you will be to develop a following for your local photographs.

There are a variety of ways you can market your local images. One way is to have your photos reproduced and sell them at local art and craft shows. You can sell them as is, in frames, or offer an additional framing service for photographs that are purchased. Don't restrict yourself to selling your local photographs only as wall art. You can also have your images printed onto high quality sweatshirts, mugs, mousepads, or any of a number of other useful objects. You can also sell your local images in stores in your area that sell tourist merchandise.

Another way to market local photographs is to offer to hang your framed photos in restaurants in your area. Restaurants always appreciate having local photos as tasteful décor and will usually allow you to add a price to your work so you can sell it. Another option is to have your local images converted into postcards or calendars to be sold in stores that sell gifts. By taking a walk through the downtown area of your city as well as through local malls, you can identify a variety of retail establishments that may be willing to carry your work.

You may also find a market for your local photographs online on microstock sites such as At these sites, you can upload your images and earn money each time a photograph is downloaded. Another option is to set up a website displaying your photographs along with historical information about your local area. Such a website could develop a very loyal local following, many of whom would end up buying your work.

If you're interesting in making money from photography, explore the possibility of taking local photographs in your area. It can be both rewarding and profitable.

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