Make Money Selling Broken Electronics on E-Bay

Make Money Selling Broken Electronics on E-Bay

Do you have an iPod that has stopped working lying around? Or maybe an old video camera that sort of works but needs to be fixed. Possibly you have a DVD player that no longer works sitting in a closet somewhere. Well, don't throw this stuff out with the garbage because you can actually sell them for fairly good money on e-Bay.

I was amazed too when I saw all the broken electronics being sold on e-Bay. We had an iPod that stopped working and were about to throw it away when, just for fun, we decided to look and see if any were being sold on e-Bay. And there they were – the exact same broken iPods being sold for $20-$100 each. Yes, people were actually bidding on them. Needless to say ours joined the many on there to be sold, and did sell for a good price.

You can also find broken video cameras selling for up to $100, broken Blackberrys for up to $150, all types of cell phones selling for $5-$35 and the best seller of all – broken Apple iPhones for over $200. Imagine making that much money for a useless, broken item.

I suppose the buyers either know how to fix these items and can resell them or use them for parts. There must be a good business in re-furbishing these electronics because some of the prices for broken items are unreal.

So, next time you have something that is broken – anything – check e-Bay before throwing it away. And if you really want to make money, ask all your friends for their broken phones and iPods. In this instance someone's trash really does become someone's treasure.

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