How to Make Money from Photographing Construction Sites

How to Make Money from Photographing Construction Sites

If you like photography and own a good camera, it could be hard to decide where to put your skills into a profitable use. Think no more! Here is a wonderful idea for any photographer. Take pictures of different stages of construction of a building and sell them to the builders. If you get good at it, you can even turn this into a full time business. Usually, builders don't take photographs of the construction progress. This is actually helpful for them because they can use the photos for remodeling. So you could sell your set of around 100 photos for around $200. This could be a very lucrative business, because builders need photos of their construction progress.

If you have a digital camera, then it will be easier for you. Taking more than a hundred snaps and choosing the best pictures is a good idea. Make sure you cover the different stages of construction and take photos from different angles.

This project is not limited to buildings. You can even take photographs of the construction of bridges or home renovations. You will notice that most of the people like to see the slow development of their project in the form of photos. So make sure you keep accurate records like the date and time and anything else that will clearly explain the pictures.

A good idea to start will be to check with the town halls in your locale. You can find the addresses of different projects from there, because they will have the permits for any building site where construction will begin in the near future. This way, you will be able to take some photographs even before construction starts.

You will need to travel a lot, so make sure you have a reliable transportation. Use public transportation to save costs. Otherwise, you may need your own vehicle. If traveling is not cost efficient, don't go every construction site projects that come up.

A computer and a digital camera is all you need to start. Then you have to settle on a solid mode of transportation. Then you will also need to decide how to deliver your photos. Some people will want them on a CD, while others will want them printed. You might want to consider using a laptop to show your photos to your customers. This will make it easier for them to choose. If they want you to print the photos for them, charge a small price so that you can compensate for the printing costs beforehand.

It is highly advised that you carry a business card with you always. Distribute them whenever you get the chance. Some contractors might get suspicious at you when you are taking photos of their construction sites. Showing them your business card should solve the problem.

Start searching for a construction site now. Take photos of them. They are the perfect subjects to earn some money.

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