How to Keep Home Electronics Dust Free

How to Keep Home Electronics Dust Free

How to Clean and Dust Your Electronics

Dusting is probably my least favorite chore. Some days, when I look around the house, it seems I’m drowning in a sea of stubborn dust, particularly when it comes to keeping home electronics clean. All of the screens, little black boxes, modems and keyboards that fill my home are magnets for dust. So for my own sanity and the longevity of our electronics, I’ve decided to battle the home electronics dust war with an arsenal of tips and tricks.

Why Dust?

Computers, televisions, monitors, keyboards, printers, and fax machines all collect dust and dirt. Because TV and PC screens are electronically charged, they actually attract dust, as “Reader’s Digest” explains in its 15+ Simple Dusting Tips. Electronic equipment should be cleaned regularly not just for cosmetic reasons, but to prevent dust from becoming trapped inside and creating problems with connections.

The Beauty of Dryer Sheets

Who knew that the anti-static properties of dryer sheets are an easy and inexpensive way to keep home electronics dust-free, as both “Reader’s Digest” and home blog Mom 4 Real explain. Dryer sheets can even be recycled. Once you’ve used a sheet in the dryer, use it to dust the front and back of your TVs and computer monitors. The dryer sheet will not only clean the equipment, but repel dust and hair and keep dust away longer than if you had cleaned with a rag or feather duster.

Compressed Air Dusters

We keep a compressed gas dusting can, available at office supply stores, within arm’s reach of the computer. The handy can allows you to dust intricate areas on computer keyboards, phones, and photo equipment. Just be careful when using a duster so that the air doesn’t push the dirt further into the electronic device.

Paint Away the Dust

When it comes to keeping keyboards clean, never use any kind of liquid cleaner that might lodge inside the keyboard. You can blast a shot of compressed air between and under the keys, or use a mini vacuum cleaner to pull the dust out. Never vacuum any of the chips or other electronic components in a computer or other electronic equipment, however. A small, bristled paint brush is another handy tool to keep on hand to brush dirt and dust out of the nooks and crannies of your keyboard.

Never Give Up!

Even when you’re vigilant about keeping your electronic equipment clean, computers and all of their accessories will still collect dust. Try to place the computer and other equipment in an area that is well-ventilated. Keep them as far away from pet hair, smoke, kitchen fumes and other contaminants as possible. And if there is any question that dust and dirt build up may have infiltrated the inner workings of your prized electronics, by all means call in a professional.


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