DIY Engagement Announcement Photographs and Videos

DIY Engagement Announcement Photographs and Videos

Right after getting engaged couples usually find a way to announce their engagement. Some simply plan a get together where they tell family and friends about their intentions to get married, while others publish an announcement in their local or hometown newspapers. If you are planning on announcing your engagement in a local newspaper then you will want to take a great picture of the two of you together. While you can hire a photographer to photograph you, there are ways to do it yourself.

Option #1 – Tripod and Timer

The quickest way to take your own engagement photograph is to set up your digital or traditional camera on a tripod. You will then focus the camera so that it will capture the two of you in a natural pose. Finally you will set the timer, get in place and smile. This option works for both indoor and outdoor photographs.

Option #2 – Raid Your Photo Album

If you prefer to use a photograph that is more organic than a tradition posed engagement picture then you will need to go to your photo albums. Here you can find pictures of the two of you enjoying life and doing things that you love to do. These pictures are better at showing who you are as a couple and who you will be as a married couple.

Option #3 – Computer Cameras

Computer cameras can also be a great tool to use to when taking your own engagement photograph. Since they are mounted on your computer and they produce a live image of what the camera is viewing it is easier to compose the picture. When you are happy with the image that you see on your computer screen you can click your mouse to take a still frame image of the two of you.

Option #4 – Create a Video Message

If you want to publish your engagement announcement online then consider creating a video message. In your video message you can announce that you are engaged, you can show off your ring and you can provide information about when you plan on getting married. This message can be posted on your website, it can be emailed to the special people in your life or it can be burned onto a DVD.

If you want to be sneaky about your announcement then you can bring your video engagement announcement on DVD to a family event. Then you can gather everyone around the television to show a special film. As you show your video you can video how your family reacts to your video announcement.

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