Consumer Electronics Show's (CES) Gaming Tech Highlights

Consumer Electronics Show's (CES) Gaming Tech Highlights

Get Your Game On!

Looking for new ways to interact with your games? The Novint Falcon might just prove to be a rare bird in this year's plethora of gaming peripherals. A hit in this year's CES, the Novint Falcon allows you to interact with games in a whole new way, leveraging on a Quick Disconnect handle that exerts 2lbs of force as the controller moves in all directions, including up, down, forward and backward, for that three-dimensional feedback. With the ability to make virtual game dynamics like the pressure of throwing a ball or the weight of swinging a golf club, feel real, this Falcon might just rule the roost this year.

Another curious gaming widget is the Riff-Rocker, a miniature guitar controller that's made for Frets on Fire, an open source downloadable video game for PC (think Guitar Hero), so you won't need to get a specialized console just to play your favorite music games. The Riff-Rocker comes with the usual five-button fret setup and two strum buttons, USB connectivity, and 3 custom game plate stickers to add in an extra ounce of twang to your down-scaled controller. It is bound to bring out the mini-rock star in you. Seriously.

On the DIY front, building your own gaming rig might be more exhilarating this year with a bunch of mobos set to do the job. Take the ASUS Republic of Gamers Rampage II Extreme. Sporting the latest Intel X58 chipset, SLI/CrossFireX on Demand, a multi-phase power management system aptly named the ROG Extreme Engine, overclocking tools like Tweakit and Probelt, and featuring a SupremeFX X-Fl sound card, it's clearly an enthusiast motherboard on a gaming mission.

For the mobile gamers, there's the trusty ASUS G-Series notebooks showcased at this year's CES. Models like the ASUS G71 are packed with features dedicated to the hardcore gamer, including Intel Quad Core muscle, high-performance NVIDIA 9700M GT graphics, up to 17 inches of full HD glory, and add-ons like Direct Messenger, a secondary display that updates users on emails, instant messages, and displays CPU system data as well. Other models include the GSOVt and the G7Osg gaming notebooks.

iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

iRobot's second generation Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot sweeps its way through the International CES, sporting a new internal antenna, anti-flipping auger, Smart speed, and a tool-less battery door. Aiming to eliminate the hassle of climbing and repositioning ladders again and again, this nifty innovation is programmed to clean up gutters by propelling itself and lifting out leaves and other debris that can clog up the hard-to reach grooves, while being controlled via wireless hand remote. The new Looj lineup includes the iRobot Looj 125, 135, and the 155.

Games At Large

With the scheduled release of six new downloadable titles for gaming consoles and PC platforms in this year's first half, Capcom showcases new installments of hit titles like Resident Evil 5 and BionicCommando at the CES. The title lineup making its debut last February includes the puzzle-genre game FlockI, Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop and Neopets. Puzzle Adventure. Coming this March is the worldwide zombie-thrashing hit Resident Evil Sand MotoGP, and the soon to be launched Bionic Commando for Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers.

Minoru 3D Webcam

The award-winning Minoru 3D Webcam makes: its first public appearance at CES Las Vegas, sporting two cameras with the same distance apart that produces red and cyan anaglyph images for that stereoscopic and three-dimensional effect. This little critter comes with 'eyes' that light up, a multi-position stand, and is bundled with 3D glasses that enables viewers to see the 3D image. It's compatible with numerous video conferencing tools available and can also double as a normal 2D webcam.

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