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Zuidschermer, NH, 1846

Dramatic Fine-Art Landscape Photography, Processing Instructions and Photography Tours by Daniel Laan.


Daniel Laan

" With photography rises the opportunity to capture my thoughts, the light, the land and the fleeting moment "


I was about 7 years old when I first pressed the shutter on my dad’s Pentax SLR… Since then, painting, drawing and later Photoshop were some of the things I used to express myself. 

In the spring of 2009 I had found a new way to channel my creative energy. As I came to realize that photographing landscapes has a profound meditative, even cathartic effect on me, I quickly started to adjust my life choices accordingly. It's not everyone's cup of tea to give up your full-time job and study in a new field. But as a creative individual, I always needed to do something that's in close relation to the human eye. Communication & Multimedia Design taught me to write, to think as a user and to understand design. That includes photography.

The curriculum  did not include appreciation of our natural world. My intrinsic, child-like fascination with the cosmos, the landscape and every living thing in it, flows though my professional work.  


I'm a photographer, writer and a teacher by profession. My job here is about capturing the relationship with the world around us visually, while teaching others to be better landscape photographers themselves. A respected landscape photographer is one that respects the very landscape he seeks to capture.

My main body of work are the mystical, moody scenes I find not in nature, but in the depths of my own psyche. Nature serves as a host to materialize this painterlyapproach to fine-art photography, which serves a cathartic purpose. As well as being a full-time landscape photographer, I teach students around the world to become better artists, but also better environmentalists.

For example, through nightscape photography I aim to teach my students the value of darkness in a world that grows more out of connection with the stars in the night sky. Light pollution is a serious issue to plant- and wildlife and we should be asking ourselves if we really need that much lighting anyway.

A word on 'reality'

Looking through the viewfinder for more than a decade makes you think about the world in more than one way. My paradigm shifted significantly over the years. Here's what I know. We all perceive reality differently. Your perception of red for instance, may very well look different to my perceived red. This brings me to how photography acts as extension of my vision of the world. My work often looks very different from what you might see when you visit the same location. I believe this makes my landscapes unique and evocative, since they not only capture the light and the land, but do a pretty good job of a display of my emotion at the very moment I pressed the shutter. Laanscapes doesn’t mean unreal though. Every photograph, not unlike an Impressionistic painting, shows you my interpretation of the real world. What you see was actually there with me. I never add stuff to my pictures that isn’t there to begin with.

Laanscapes is an expression of my love for the natural world, not a statement against it.  


Daniel Laan

28% landscape photographer, 16% writer, 14% user experience designer, 12% dreamer, 11% amateur astronomer, 9% musician, 7% hippie and 3% radical geek of all things science fiction.

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Awards & Publications

Caprice Magazine Issue 1 // January 2013 Magazine Issue 10 // december 2015
Bokeh Magazine Issue 44 // July 2016
Landscape Photography Magazine Issue 68 // October 2016
Pictures Magazine 9 // September 2016
Bokeh Magazine Issue 50 // January 2017 Magazine Issue 1/2 // Jan/Feb 2017
Nikon Nightscape Feature - Magazine Issue 10 // October 2017
Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2018 - Included in the book // Jan 2018
Top 101 - International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 // Feb 2018 // November 2016 // December 2016 - Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer // October 2016


My influences are as many as they are diverse. First and foremost: The cycles of the universe, the weather and nature are the prime sources from which I draw my inspiration.

While many other photographers are prime sources of inspiration as well, I find that pursuing and perfecting my own technique has propelled the quality of my work. Also, ambient metal and rock music accompany me on my travels and help to get to the core of what I want to show you. Most importantly; it’s my wife’s support that keeps me sane.