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Huisduinen, NH, 1789

Dramatic Landscape Photography and Night Photography, Surreal and Black & White Fine-Art Photography from artist Daniel Laan, based in the Netherlands.

Laanscapes Photography

Mystical Landscape Photography by Daniel Laan.

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Welcome! I am a professional landscape photographer from the Netherlands. Here's a quick glance at my latest work.

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Well, explorations is a better term to describe these. Each of them are an ongoing pursuit of light, land and moment.

From the Sea...


Blue Hour Seascapes


Explosions in the Sky

Hail the Sunset

Land of Blonde Dunes

...Through the Forests and Fields...


Fields & Lonely Trees

Crimson Triplets

Oddworld (Mushrooms)

Forests Unknown

The Dark Forest

...Over the Mountains...


Canyons & Waterfalls

A Song for Fallen Ones

Ghostly Spires

Mountain Retreat

Lakes & Mountains

...And into the Sky.

We Will Always Be




Heart & Soul

Deep Space